About Us

We are a group of people who are passionate about solving problems and making life easier for others. It is our commitment to ensure that LearnerDriverZone becomes the most trusted and useful learner driver resource for learner drivers across the UK.

Scroll below to find out more about how LearnerDriverZone was founded and why.

LearnerDriverZone all started with hours of research, lots of phone calls, numerous headaches, two no-shows and one amazing driving instructor… this is Sarah’s story.

Back in early 2019 when the harshness of a heavy UK winter was starting to pass and Sarah, a niece to one of the co-founders of LearnerDriverZone had just passed her 21st birthday.

She decided she was going to use the birthday money she received to book some driving lessons.

It was a Monday and she told herself ‘No problem I’ll be learning to drive by the end of the week’, how wrong she was!

She spoke to her best friend but quickly realised that her driving instructor had recently emigrated to Australia so she did what most young people do these days, she started browsing the internet.

After numerous hours researching driving instructors and schools in her local area, she finally found a handful that seemed to match up to her needs.

She booked lessons with her first-choice instructor but the instructor didn’t show.

After trying to call the instructor and leaving emails and voicemails, the instructor never responded.

Finally, she contacted her third choice instructor and although this instructor turned out to be everything Sarah wanted and needed, she didn’t know this at the time as the instructors website was quite basic.

Needless to say, Sarah was just happy she could finally start her driving lessons with an instructor who was a good fit for her.

After speaking to her friends about her experience, she quickly realised that they too had similar experiences and that was where the idea of LearnerDriverZone was born.

The idea was simple, create a useful and 100% free website so that driving instructors and schools can communicate all their unique expertise, skills, success stories and experience in a free and easy to understand way.

The other primary goal was make it simple for potential learner drivers to easily find these driving instructors and schools according to their unique needs and location.