Driving Lessons In Bradford

If you are looking for driving lessons in Bradford, then look no further. At LearnerDriverZone, we’ve assembled a great selection of driving schools who we have partnered with, giving you the pick of the best driving instructors in Bradford for you to start your car driving journey with.

By doing so, we can offer great deals and competitive offers to make your learner journey all that more affordable. To get started, simply browse our range of Bradford driving instructors below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Bradford?

The cost of a driving lesson varies from one driving school to the other, and of course location and other factors come into play too. However, the average cost of driving lessons in Bradford is around £25 – £40 per hour.

What Is The Average Driving Test Pass Rate In Bradford?

Bradford's driving test pass rate comes in below the UK pre-pandemic average of 49.6%, with an average driving test pass rate of 41.2%. This means Bradford comes in 11th place out of our top 20 featured cities and 2nd out of our featured Yorkshire cities.

What Are The Most Popular Cars In Bradford?

Similar to the other top 20 cities featured, it seems Bradford prefers the German manufacturers with some Swedish safety for good measure according to the latest research from CarWow. The Mercedes A-Class rules supreme with the Volvo XC40 and BMW 1 Series not far behind in second and third place.

Where Are The Driving Test Centres In Bradford?

Bradford has two practical driving test centres and these are located in Heaton and Thornbury.

Which Driving Test Centre In Bradford Has The Highest Pass Rate?

Out of Bradford's two practical driving test centres, it is the Heaton driving test centre which has the highest pass rate of 52.1%, meaning it is above average compared to the UK average driving test pass rate.