Driving Lessons In Edinburgh

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Edinburgh?

This is one of the most common questions asked by learner drivers in Edinburgh. While it is difficult to give an exact price due to many factors, a rough guide is anywhere from £25 - £42 per one hour driving lesson.

What Is The Average Driving Test Pass Rate In Edinburgh?

For the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh performs reasonably well compared to other cities with an average driving test pass rate of 44.9% compared the UK pre-pandemic average of 49.6%, meaning Edinburgh comes in 7th place out of our top 20 featured cities and 1st out of our featured Scottish cities.

What Are The Most Popular Cars In Edinburgh?

For people living in Edinburgh, it looks like SUVs are the favourite type of vehicle according to research compiled by CarWow with the Volvo XC40 taking the top spot, followed by the Range Rover Evoque in second place and the much-loved Mercedes A-Class coming in third place.

Where Are The Driving Test Centres In Edinburgh?

The Capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh has two practical driving test centres and these are located in Currie and Musselburgh.

Which Driving Test Centre In Edinburgh Has The Highest Pass Rate?

Out of Edinburgh's two practical driving test centres, Currie test centre takes the #1 position with a pass rate of 55.6% meaning it is above the UK average for pass rates.