Driving Lessons In Nottingham

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Nottingham?

The cost of driving lessons in Nottingham depends on the instructor and your location but also differs based on the package being bought. That said, the average cost per one hour driving lesson in Nottingham usually ranges between £20 - £40.

What Is The Average Driving Test Pass Rate In Nottingham?

Nottingham has an average driving test pass rate of 48.2% which means it's pretty much in-line with the UK pre-pandemic pass rate of 49.6%. This ranks Nottingham 6th in our top 20 featured cities and 1st out of our featured Midlands cities.

What Are The Most Popular Cars In Nottingham?

According to the latest research conducted by CarWoW, it's the German manufacturers who hold the upper-hand in Nottingham with some Swedish safety and style thrown in for good measure. The ever-popular Mercedes A-Class reigns supreme whilst the Volvo XC40 comes in second place, closely followed by the BMW 1 Series in third place.

Where Are The Driving Test Centres In Nottingham?

Nottingham has two practical driving test centres and these are located in Chilwell and Colwick.

Which Driving Test Centre In Nottingham Has The Highest Pass Rate?

Out of Nottingham's two practical driving test centres, it is the Chilwell driving test centre which performs the best with a pass rate of 50.3%, making it just above average compared to the average UK driving test pass rate.