Driving Lessons In Sheffield

If you want to learn to drive in Sheffield, then you’re going to need the best driving lessons in Sheffield. We know that having the best driving instructors when learning to drive is vital, not just for the learning process, but also for building your confidence and helping you achieve a pass in the quickest time possible.

At LearnerDriverZone, we’ve partnered with some of the best driving instructors in Sheffield to give you the best deals and driving lesson prices. To get started, simply browse our range Sheffield driving instructors below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Sheffield?

Driving lessons in Sheffield can cost anywhere between £20 and £25 per one hour lesson at the time of writing. The price depends upon various factors such as location, the instructor and additional requirements you may have at the time such as out-of-hours training.

What Is The Average Driving Test Pass Rate In Sheffield?

Sheffield has an average driving test pass rate of 41.1% which is a fair bit below the UK pre-pandemic average of 49.6%. This ranks Sheffield 12th out of our top 20 featured cities and 3rd out of our featured Yorkshire cities.

What Are The Most Popular Cars In Sheffield?

For the people living in Sheffield, there is no clear favourite manufacturer according to latest research by CarWoW. The Volvo XC40 takes the top spot, followed very closely by the super-popular Mercedes A-Class in second place. The amazing Range Rover Evoque comes in third place.

Where Are The Driving Test Centres In Sheffield?

Sheffield has two practical driving test centres to choose from and they are located in Handsworth and Middlewood Road.

Which Driving Test Centre In Sheffield Has The Highest Pass Rate?

Out of Sheffield's two practical driving test centres, it is the Middlewood Road driving test centre which reigns supreme with a pass rate of 47.2%, although this is still below the average UK pass rate.