Biggest Fears Of Learner Drivers Revealed

Last Updated: 01/01/2020

Learning to drive is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time and it also kicks-off a barrage of new fears, insecurities and anxieties for many of those new to the roads.

For learner drivers, or even those who have recently passed their test, there are many things that they fear on the roads.

It’s hard enough dealing with mastering the skills required to operate and manoeuvre a car and being on the road with other road users for the first time.

But beyond those initial challenges, there is a whole host of potential scenarios that fill learner drivers with a sense of dread.

While more experienced drivers often see their biggest fears and nerves ebb away the longer they drive, for those who are just starting out, the prospect of certain scenarios arising leaves them with a great deal of nerves and can even lead to nightmares!

According to some research which has recently been published by Car Parts 4 Less, the most feared scenario across all learner drivers is that of driving on a motorway.

Let’s be honest, we all remember the first time we nervously accelerated down the on-ramp to join a motorway.

Three lanes of high-speed traffic aggressively tearing past – it’s not an ideal or comfortable position for a learner driver to find themselves in.

It rightly holds top spot for the biggest fear among learner drivers. So, what’s second on the list?

Well, this one is probably the biggest fear for many much more experienced driver – crashing.

Being involved in any sort of road traffic accident is incredibly scary and stressful.

Even if it’s pretty minor, there’s always going to be an element of shock when you’re caught up in an accident and then there is the stress of handling the aftermath.

Insurance companies, emergency services, car repairs and goodness knows what else.

The thought of any sort of accident fills learner drivers with dread.

In third place is driving in bad weather, something else we can all relate to.

Occasionally, even the most experienced driver can be caught off-guard by some freak or extreme weather.

From storm-force winds to torrential downpours, heavy snow and blizzards to hale stones and sleet. It’s grim and frightening.

Not to mention, you need a certain degree of experience and skill to safely handle your car through adverse weather, so it’s not a surprise to see it high on the list of fears among learner drivers.

The last one worth mentioning is that of parallel parking; comfortably the most difficult form of parking, it comes in as the fourth most feared scenario for a learner driver.

But what about the split between men and women who are learning to drive?

Well, the motorway remains the biggest fears for women who are learning to drive.

For men, they dread the thought of being involved in a car crash, be it in isolation or with other vehicles involved. Both are very justifiable fears to have for a new driver!