Covid-19: Driving Lessons & Tests Restart Dates Confirmed

Last Updated: 22/04/2021

Today, driving tests have restarted in England and Wales, however, there have been reports that there is huge demand for test bookings which has caused major issues with the DVSA website.

Also, as reported by the BBC and other media outlets, there is an approximate backlog of 420,000 tests due to the pandemic, with most test centres now fully booked up until August.

The DVSA confirmed however, that it will be adding an additional 2,500 driving tests per month by allowing tests to take place at weekends and on bank holidays.

The latest advice from the DVSA is that you should only apply for a driving test ‘when you are absolutely sure you are ready’ and if you experience issues on the DVSA booking website, keep re-trying to book as this is usually caused by heavy demand on the website and sometimes cancellations can become available again.

It has also been confirmed that driving tests will resume in Northern Ireland on 23rd April and in Scotland from 6th May.

Original Article Date: 07/04/21

Today the Government has confirmed dates for when driving lessons and driving tests can restart after the latest covid-19 lockdown.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary confirmed that for England, driving lessons will restart on Monday 12th April with driving tests restating the following week on Monday 22nd April.

It was also confirmed that the DVSA are to offer more test slots and examiners, including on weekends and bank holidays to help address built-up demand.

In Scotland, the latest Government advice is that driving lessons will restart on Monday 26th April with driving tests restarting on Thursday 6th May, however, this is only guidance and hasn’t been officially confirmed.

In Northern Ireland, all driving lessons and driving tests are still suspended due to current lockdown restrictions. We will aim to update this guide as soon as official confirmation on driving lessons and test resume dates is confirmed.

It is also worth noting that when driving lessons and tests resume, covid-19 safety measures will still be in place such as face masks for both instructor and learner, at least one window open each side of the vehicle, and constant hygiene and cleaning measures to be implemented after each person has been in the vehicle.