Driving Instructor Confesses All

Last Updated: 01/01/2020

Learning to drive can be a stressful and daunting experience for new drivers, but have you ever thought what it’s like from the passenger seat?

With thousands of people learning to drive in the UK each year, there are hundreds of driving instructors up and down the country who are tasked with getting them in to a position from which they can pass their tests.

So, imagine the kinds of stories that the instructors could tell you from their years of teaching drivers of all ages and ability levels.

Well, imagine no more.

A recent article on whatcar.com explored the confessions of an unnamed, Surrey-based driving instructor of 12 years.

Here are the best bits:

Picky Parents:

It’s not always the students that cause headaches for instructors but the parents of young drivers as well.

For those learner drivers who are young, the instructor revealed that parents can be a real nuisance as they push to get a test date for their son or daughter.

Once the test date is confirmed, they then hold off or reduce the number of lessons thinking that it’s job done now the test is booked.

It’s a false economy, as the less lessons they sit the more chance there is that they’ll fail their test.

Attitudes To Instructors:

Another bugbear of the instructor is the brazen attitude that young drivers often have to their instructors.

Claiming that some students think that the instructors are at their “beck and call”, cancelling lessons with an hour’s notice and expecting to be slotted in later that day is very irritating.

Most Common Mistake:

The tension that new drivers have when they first climb inside a car to drive is the big problem.

The instructor revealed that many new drivers are so overwhelmed by finding themselves behind the wheel that they pay little attention to the road.

Often, instructors must intervene before the situation becomes dangerous.

The Biggest Mistake A Pupil Made?

The instructor explains that this was also the fault of a parent.

On one lesson, a young female learner driver spotted her Dad getting in to his car.

With the permission and instruction from the instructor, she pulled up alongside to say hello.

Sadly, the father had shouted at her for what he perceived to be dangerous parking.

In pulling away in a shaken state, she hit her father’s car – a costly mistake financially for the driving instructor who had to pay £400 insurance excess for repairs.

Oldest Pupil?

The oldest pupil the instructor had taught was a 64-year-old man who had been effectively driving illegally for 30 years on a provisional license.

He finally wanted to learn to drive legally to get to hospital appointments.

He passed first time.

Most Attempts At Passing A Test?

We’ve all heard of horror stories of people taking many attempts to pass a test but this instructor revealed the worst he had was a girl who failed four times and then subsequently gave up and has never passed.

She was a good driving, competent and observant but would fall apart when it came to the driving test.