Driving Instructor Reveals The Mistake That All Learner Drivers Make

Last Updated: 01/01/2020

For the vast majority of us, getting behind the wheel to take your first driving lesson was a pretty overwhelming experience.

In an anonymous interview recently, a driving instructor revealed that this is in fact the biggest mistake that all learner drivers make in the first lesson and possibly the next few lessons too.

If you cast your mind back to when you were learning to drive, you will no doubt remember the nerves you encountered.

The more you thought about it, the worse it got.

Well, being overwhelmed by being behind the wheel of a car is the single biggest mistake most learner drivers make.

There are so many things going through the minds of new drivers when they first sit behind the wheel.

There are pedals, gear changes, indicators, lights, windscreen wipes and not to mention the process of making sure you’ve checked mirrors.

That’s without even getting in to the basics of actually starting the car, finding the biting point and moving.

There is so much racing through the head of new drivers that they become totally overwhelmed by the situation and the experience of sitting in control of a vehicle.

The danger of this happening is that they take their eyes off the road, or simply do not pay enough attention to the road and the world around them.

The driving instructor reveals that, in some cases, instructors must take back control of the car or ask the driver to pull over.

The situation can become dangerous and puts the safety of the driver, the instructor, other road users and pedestrians in to jeopardy.

Therefore, the only action available for the instructor to take is to get the car to a safe place and let the driver regain some sort of composure.

Thankfully, as we will all testify to, the nerves soon subside.

The feeling of being utterly overwhelmed dissipates and drivers can then begin to truly learn how to drive.

How long does this take?

Well, that depends on the driver – everybody is different.

Drivers who struggle to get over this initial hurdle may use several lessons just learning to be comfortable behind the wheel of a car before they get around to learning and practicing vital techniques and manoeuvres.

So, next time you know someone who is about to learn to drive, give them words of reassurance.

Tell them how normal it is to feel nervous and assure them that it soon passes so that they can concentrate on learning to drive.