Man Without One Of His Arms Becomes A Driving Instructor

Last Updated: 01/01/2020

If you find learning to drive difficult, or perhaps you have already failed your test, you may be tempted to throw the towel in and give up.

Well, here’s an inspiring story which will make you continue your efforts.

A man born with one arm has scored one of his biggest achievements to date by successfully qualifying as a driving instructor. And despite what you may initially suspect, it’s not in an automatic car, but a manual one.

Khuram Iqbal, 31, from Heaton, wears a prosthetic limb in place of his lower left arm.

He was born without that part of his arm and has chosen to share his success story to inspire others.

It really is a case of never giving up.

Mr Iqbal had always aimed to learn to drive an automatic car but it was a conversation with his mother that would change the course of his driving future and his career for that matter.

He said: “I have always been passionate about cars and have always wanted to drive and own a car. Due to my condition, not having my lower left arm, I knew for definite driving a manual car would definitely be a ‘no no’ and out of the question and it would have to be an automatic I would learn in and drive all my life. I had a clear mindset fixed where I wasn’t going to consider driving a manual at all, until I told my mother ‘I am thinking of learning to drive but automatic’.”

His mother instantly shot down the idea and told him he would learn to drive a manual car, not an automatic.

“I was shocked to hear that thinking,” he said. “How can I change gears with my left hand?”

His mum’s response was simple, but inspiring: “She replied ‘just try and try harder but don’t give up – you can’t say no without trying.”

So, that’s exactly what Khuram did.

Such was his skill and determination, he would pass his driving test in a manual car at the first attempt.

Ten years on, he is now teaching other learner drivers who to get through their driving test as a fully qualified driving instructor.

His story is quite motivational and new drivers who are under his tutelage cannot help but be inspired to work hard and successfully pass their test.

Khuram added: “A person who had no hope of driving a manual, couldn’t even think about changing gears in now sat in the passenger seat teaching other people how to drive a manual car. Never lose hope. The worse thing you can do is lose hope and underestimate yourself”.

Image Credits: Yahoo News