Manual Vehicles Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past Thanks To Electric Vehicles

Last Updated: 08/06/2021

If you want to drive a manual car then you will need to take your practical test in a manual car.

This is a real issue for learner drivers today and possibly in the future.

As soon as all driving schools switch to automatic electric vehicles in the not too distant future, the opportunity to learn to drive a manual car will cease.

If you decide to take your test in an automatic vehicle then you will only be allowed to drive this type of vehicle known as a self-shifting transmission vehicle forever.

If you did want to drive a manual car, you would have to take a re-test in that type of vehicle.

Clearly the majority of learner drivers want to learn to drive man

It is an interesting fact that approximately 90% of all learners opt for the manual vehicle to take their practical test in.

In addition, the number of successful passes are recorded as significantly higher for those taken in a three pedalled vehicle, not in an automatic vehicle.

There is no doubt that currently, people want to be able to drive a vehicle with a gear stick!

As soon as all new cars are electric or hybrid automatics, all driving schools which usually have new or almost new vehicles to teach their students in will have switched to them from manual vehicles.

This means that learner drivers in ten years or so will be learning to drive in an automatic vehicle and taking their test in one too, however, for those who are worried that petrol and diesel cars will completely disappear from our roads, that may not be the case.

There are no plans to stop existing petrol and diesel cars, only new cars will be banned from 2030/35 if they are fuelled by petrol or diesel.

This is reassuring for any classic car enthusiast who still wants to drive their old 1980’s vehicle in years to come, however, the price of second hand manual cars may well rocket as they become more and more scarce.

Many commentators in the driving school business have raised their concerns that the ability to drive cars with a manual gearbox will be out of reach for learner drivers in little more than a generation.

One solution has been proposed which is that any legislation introduced relating to these changes, includes an option for learner drivers to take a classic car driving test if they wish to drive an old vehicle which has manual controls.

It is possible that this arrangement will be included in the future rules and regulations applicable to driving on our roads and will be welcomed by many who want to keep the experience of driving a vehicle which has three pedals!