Queen Elizabeth Foundation & Specialist Vehicle Rental To Assist Disabled People

Last Updated: 07/05/2021

Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People has joined forces with Specialist Vehicle Rental to help those with disabilities gain their independence. Together they are providing driving lessons and assessments for many disabled people, young and old.

This partnership is great news for people like Kumba Bokarie who contracted polio when she was just four years old. Passing her driving test has made a huge difference to her life and that of her family.

Kumba said: “I have triplets and, previously, I had to rely on public transport to get us all around. The everyday trips, such as getting to school, were stressful. I can’t run for the bus, so there were times when one of my triplets would run ahead to hold the bus until I could get there.

I needed to learn to drive so I contacted QEF’s mobility services to organise an assessment. The occupational therapist tested my reaction times on a static rig using hand controls and then, as I had a good response to this, I drove a car on their private track for the very first time- it was so exciting”.

Kumba is clearly loving her new found skill and the independence it gives her. She can’t praise this joint venture between Queen Elizabeth Foundation and Specialist Vehicle Rental enough saying: “Since then, it has been fantastic – it has given me freedom.

We can just get up and go and I can drive anywhere we want. There’s no stress and I can get the kids to school on time. Driving has opened up so much for me and has truly changed my life.”

Specialist Vehicle Rental Founder and Managing Director Juggy Kudhail can’t contain his enthusiasm for the joint venture with Queen Elizabeth Foundation. He said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be supporting the Queen Elizabeth Foundation. It is not just a relationship, it’s a partnership where we look forward to working closely with them and their clients whilst supporting the charity”.

Image Credit: InYourArea

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