When Did Princes William & Harry Pass Their Driving Tests?

Last Updated: 01/01/2020

Did you know that the Queen is the only person in the UK who does not require a driving license to drive on the country’s roads?

It’s a great snippet of knowledge to have in case it comes up at the next pub quiz.

However, despite the Queen having this freedom, the rest of the Royal Family must go through the same process that everyone else must follow in the UK when it comes to earning a driving license.

So, what about Prince William and Prince Harry?

The princes are global icons and represent a younger generation of the Royal Family but did you know how or when they passed their test? And do you know if they both passed first time?

Well, to start by answering the final question there, yes, they did.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry successfully passed their driving tests aged 17.

Prince William became a fully-trained driver upon passing his driving test back in 1999. It was just five weeks after his 17th birthday and followed 20 driving lessons.

His test was sat in a Ford Focus.

According to a lorry driver who was said to be watching when William returned from his test, he jumped out of the car and punched the air with glee after learning that he had passed.

We can all relate to that!

He then replaced the red L plates for green ones.

Prince Harry was equally as efficient when it came to passing his driving test.

He successfully sat his theory test the day after his 17th birthday and booked his practical test immediately thereafter.

On New Year’s Eve 2001, he took his test and successfully past to join his brother in passing first time.

He also needed just 20 lessons, again, keeping up with his brother in that sense.

An interesting titbit to add to this story; his bodyguard was present in his car for the entirety of his test.

His test took place just a few minutes from the Highgrove House residence where the Royal Family was preparing to house New Year’s Eve celebrations, so news of the successful outcome was well received.

Prince Charles purchased a Volkswagen Golf as a birthday present for Harry which he was seen driving in regularly.

Despite passing his test first time, Prince Harry took the admirable and highly-commendable route of taking additional advanced driving lessons.

Delivered by instructor Sergeant Chris Gilbert of the Metropolitan Police Driving School, Harry got some lessons in things such as motorway driving and driving at night, things which are not included in standard driving lessons.

The Princes are said to like driving themselves because it allows them to maintain a sense of normality in their lives.

They do have the option of being driven everywhere by a chauffeur 24/7.

Such is Harry’s love of driving, he’s been said to have been given Meghan Markle lessons behind the wheel of his manual car – being from the USA, Meghan is much akin to using an automatic transmission car!

Image Credits: carthrottle.com